Are these shampoo bars good for curly haired girls & guys?

Yes they are! For thick curly hair we recommend the Restore Set, if the hair is thin and curly try the Awaken Set. 

There is a lot of misinformation out there. This is one of the reasons we worked with a cosmetic chemist.

In the curly girl method they suggest avoiding silicone. However, not all silicones are created equal, some have low molecular weights and evaporate quickly from the hair therefore they do not weigh down the curls or cause build up. Silicone also gets a bad rap because it has a large carbon footprint to produce.

The High-End Hippie uses an anti-frizz technology that will leave that hair silky smooth. This anti-frizz technology comes from agricultural by-products and is 100% natural, sustainable, eco-certified, readily biodegradable, it also has a low molecular weight.  

Also hydration is important for curly girls and guys. Hydration comes from water based products and humectants like glycerine. Although the balance is key, too much and hello Ms. Frizz!